Roy Clark Rocks
I've been catching the reruns of Hee Haw on RFD TV lately. I used to watch with my family growing up, and it brings back a lot of good memories. Sure, it's hokey and corny - the cast doesn't pretend any differently. But there's a lot of good music on there.

Whether you like country music or not, you have to admit Roy Clark is an amazing musician. This video isn't his most impressive playing, but you have to be pretty great to pull of goofiness as well as he does.

Check out the video on my music video page, and if you feel so inclined, catch an episode of Hee Haw on RFD TV. It's on right after Big Joe's Polka Show and right before This Week In Agribusiness.

Lead Zeplin
I love a good Led Zeppelin rip-off cover tribute influenced band. Of course, Led Zeppelin themselves are pretty well known for being some big time... er, "borrowers". All musicians steal from each other in one form or another. After all, what are you but the sum of your influences?

I'm enjoying the slight resurgence of classic rock bands, most notably Wolfmother and now The Answer. I don't know if it's a new fad, an attempt at a retro-revival, or a gentle nod to the past. Although I find it falling a bit short of those they are emulating, it is pleasing none-the-less. Good job, Gents!
Esperanza Spalding

I found another new amazing musician thanks to David Letterman - Esperanza Spalding.

Watch her brilliant performance on my video page. Check out her MySpace page here.

Mute Math on David Letterman

Mute Math rocked on David Letterman. This wins my performance of the year award.

Check out their performance on my video page, and visit their site here.

Joe Roberts Band

I've played in a bunch of different bands with my friend Steve Vansak over the last twenty years or so. The Joe Roberts Band is the name of whatever current collective of musicians is supporting Steve's original music.

Steve has three professionally produced albums released on his own label. Check out Steve's stuff here and the band on MySpace.

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