Get Your Freek On
Freek Johnson is a bunch of really cool guys who just happen to be among the very best musicians I've ever had the privelege to associate with in my life. Guitarist Marco Villarreal and bassist Denis (Buddy) Pearson were two of my good friends when we were all teenagers just starting out in the music scene. I took lessons from pianist Waz for awhile and he still tunes and maintains our piano. And drummer Bill Romer used to live just down the street from me, in my brother's God parents' old house. Buddy even wrote an article for their old web page titled The Gravity of Aaron Yakovetz explaining the origins of the band and my very tangential involvement. I can't find that page now, I wish I had saved a copy.
Carson, Carney and Caesar
I miss Johnny Carson. I've been catching reruns of Carson's Comedy Classics on TV and I ran across this great clip featuring Sid Caesar, Art Carney, and Johnny Carson jamming on the Tonight Show.
Ray Charles on Hee Haw
What can I say about the late great Ray Charles that hasn't been said? The man has knocked down so many walls and built so many bridges that he should have been given an honorary contractor's license.

Here is a short list of some Mr. Charles' accomplishments:

A Recipe for Jazz

Bing Crosby and Louis Armstrong offer up a recipe for jazz from this classic clip I found on Public Domain Comedy.

PDComedy.com, a subpage of thevoiceofreason.com, is a great site hosting a hoard of public domain video and other cool stuff.

Enjoy the show! Don't forget to check out My Music Video page for a larger player and lots more cool video!

Gig Notes
JRB_Tell_Me_WhyI'm happy to announce that we survived the Beatles Tribute 2009. It was good to get together with the guys again.

We were a little rough around the edges, but considering we haven't played together in almost two years, and we only had a couple of rehearsals to knock the rust off, we did a really good job. The Blue Room guys put on a heck of a show. It's great to have hosts that not only care about the bands, but know how to do it up right.
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