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Riddle and Phelps Revisted
I've been getting a lot of hits recently from people looking for Riddle and Phelps. My original article centered on my fascination with their Effen and Hambone routine. Since then, I've been scouring Hee Haw and other RFD TV reruns looking for more performances by these guys. There is a lot of the Effen and Hambone, but not much else that shows off their other talents.

Today's video is the best example I have found so far of Mr. Jimmie Riddle's harmonica playing and Mr. Jackie Phelps' guitar prowess. It's sometimes a little difficult to hear over the cacophony of the rest of the Cornfield County Concert Band, but if you pay attention, you can hear some blistering harmonica throughout, and periodic snatches of smooth jazz guitar lines.

I'm keeping my eyes and ears open for more from these brilliant (and ridiculous!) musicians. If you know of something I can post here, please let me know. In the meantime, I hope this clip will give the Riddle and Phelps fans a little something for now. And don't forget to watch the video in the big player on my Music Video page!

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